At AFFLUENT, we are redefining the meaning of luxury accessories. Made from the top most quality, we at AFFLUENT take zero shortcuts when it comes to our quality and design.  We manufacture our products in some of the world’s oldest and most exclusive leather factories dedicated to the art of craftsmanship. Each of our products is 100% hand made and inspected on three separate occasions during the production to insure our clients are receiving the perfect product.

Our creation process starts in Los Angeles, California, where AFFLUENT calls home. Our in house design team crafts a stunning design on leather that is treated and sourced from Italy, France, Germany, or Spain (depending on the leather). 

Each piece of leather is meticulously inspected before going into production to make sure it fits with our high standards. 

Once approved, the piece of leather is handed over to one of our skilled artisans who begins the second stage of production using a combination of traditional and modern techniques.  Once the crafting stage is completed, it is once again thoroughly inspected and approved for our luxury packaging. 

To achieve the vibrant colors of our leather products, AFFLUENT employs a two step dyeing process, one that has been around for hundreds of year while mixing it with a more modern painting process.  This gives our cases a uniformed finish and insures the same brilliant hue throughout. 

Unlike brands that commercially process massive quantities as quickly and cheaply as possible, AFFLUENT slowly produces our genuine leather accessories in limited numbers.