Leather Finger Loop Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max

$39 $79
Color: Brown Natural

A Minimal and Protective Phone Case that doesn’t compromise your iPhone. The case quickly snaps into place and fits snugly over your iPhone without adding bulk. With clean lines, rounded edges, and a super slim profile, you’ll barely notice your phone has a case. Handcrafted from top-quality Italian Leather. An integrated finger holder makes this a functional minimalist case. Each one is a protective and stylish addition to your day.  The Italian Leather adds a luxurious touch with its supple and breathable material, and its anti-slip properties provide a secure grip for your phone, reducing the chance of accidental drops. This case is designed to protect your phone from knocks and scratches, while also maintaining its slim profile.

Finger-Holder Edition

The Finger Holder Edition is integrated with a snug Finger holder in the back of the phone to make using and holding your phone easier than before. This case is designed to be ultra-thin while still maintaining protection for your phone.  This durable, comfortable Finger Holder Edition case is designed to fit your hand perfectly, so you can use and hold your phone securely while remaining fashionable and on-trend. It's the perfect combination of protection and style.

The Leather

The leather on this case is sourced from and tanned in Italy using both modern and traditional tanning methods. Utilizing both these methods ensures the leather looks great from Day 1 to Day 100.  This combination of modern and traditional leather tanning processes results in a product that is incredibly durable and able to stand up to wear and tear over time.

Other Features:

The interior of this Case is crafted with a microfiber lining to provide a protective barrier and guard your device against scuffs and blemishes.

Package includes:

- Presentation Box

- Dust Bag

- Case

At AFFLUENT, we are redefining the meaning of luxury accessories. Made with the utmost quality, AFFLUENT takes zero shortcuts when it comes to our quality and design. We manufacture our products in some of the world’s oldest and most exclusive leather factories dedicated to the art of craftsmanship. Each of our products is 100% hand made and inspected on three separate occasions during production to ensure our clients are receiving the perfect product.

Our creation process starts in Los Angeles, California, where AFFLUENT calls home. Our in-house design team crafts a stunning design on leather that is treated and sourced from Italy, France, Germany, or Spain (depending on the leather). 

Each piece of leather is meticulously inspected before going into production to make sure it meets our high standards. 

Once approved, the piece of leather is handed over to one of our skilled artisans who begins the second stage of production using a combination of traditional and modern techniques. Once the crafting stage is completed, it is once again thoroughly inspected and approved for our luxury packaging. 

To achieve the vibrant colors of our leather products, AFFLUENT employs a two step dyeing process--one that has been around for hundreds of years--while mixing it with a more modern painting process. This gives our cases a uniformed finish and ensures the same brilliant hue throughout.

Unlike brands that commercially produce massive quantities as quickly and cheaply as possible, AFFLUENT slowly produces our genuine leather accessories in limited numbers. 

Please note that Grain and slight differences of colors are characteristics of genuine leather and are unique to each accessory. Different leathers will react differently to dyes and wear, and the accessory can change appearance over time.

Careful care is recommended since contact with lacquer, perfume or anything containing alcohol can cause damage. Keeping your accessory away from direct sunlight, heat, humidity and water will extend the life of it. Exposure to makeup, oil, dyes and dark denim can stain the leather and be difficult to remove. Be certain to protect your leather from water as this may cause a stain on your item. If your product does get wet simply dab it with a lint free absorbent cloth of a light color.

In order to maintain the best appearance for an extended period of time, we recommend to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, abrasive surfaces, moisture, and oil based conditions.

When needed, we recommend to wipe the product with a dry lint-free cloth.

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